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We Can Help Your Child Conquer The ISAT Exam!

ISAT PREP: Don't Sweat It

The ISAT can be a critical test for gaining entrance into some of Chicago’s best schools. The competition has grown fierce and, for most kids, the ISAT is a critical step in the admission process. We’re here to help your child alleviate their anxieties surrounding the exam by giving them the skills and confidence to succeed.

What Solution is There to ISAT Anxiety?

Put simply – individual, private tutoring via Chicago Academic! We can give your student an edge they need to get into the best schools in the city with ISAT prep. Your student needs to do well enough on the 7th grade entrance exam in order to be invited to take the 8th grade Selective Enrollment High School Exam in order to be admitted to a CPS Selective High School.

How Can Chicago Academic Help?

We will optimize a rigorous and effective curriculum tailored to your child’s specific needs. This means, time is spent only on what your child needs.
Chicago Academic creates a custom program specifically addressing each student’s strengths and weaknesses. They each receive indivdual expert instruction with an experienced private tutor. Each program includes rigorous simulated testing experiences and comprehensive study material. Our programs are proven to provide exceptional improvements in scores.
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