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Learn Study Strategies & Executive Functioning

Your child will be more relaxed and focused when it’s time to sit down and do their homework

Organize Your Student

Does your child have trouble getting their homework done, organizing their materials, keeping track of their calendar or simply keeping up with their responsibilities?
This could be a sign that they are experiencing executive functioning difficulties. At Chicago Academic we know that school work can be frustrating, especially for students who need help getting organized.
Our tutors have the training and patience it takes to help your child with even the most difficult situations. Chicago Academic has tutors who specialize in homework help, organizational skills and time management.
Help ease your entire family’s school work frustrations with Chicago Academic’s executive function coaches.

Study Skills

Some students understand the subject material but still struggle in school. If your child needs general studying assistance, we can help! Chicago Academic has experienced tutors who know how to teach study skills that can make learning a much easier and more pleasant experience for students.
Some of the skills your child will learn include:

    Test Prep

    The middle school years represent a great transition from fundamental education to the new skills of acquiring, retaining, and processing a vast amount of increasingly-complex knowledge. Additionally, students are expected to be more responsible.

    School Tutoring Programs

    The House has optimized a rigorous and effective curriculum for ACT Test Prep in Chicago. The course focuses on building familiarity with the ACT exam’s architecture and style and teaching the specific skills necessary for succeeding on it.

    Parent Resources

    At Chicago Academic, education is the key to our success. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few educational resources to help you better understand the positive impact that tutoring can have on your child.