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How Do You Improve Your Child’s ACT Score?
You want your kids to have the opportunity to go to the best colleges. But how do you do this all on your own? Parent’s these days are some of the busiest people on the planet. Let us help you make your life easier by managing your children’s study habits, keeping them on track and working towards the goal of getting into a great college. Chicago Academic’s Test Prep program will help lead your kids through a custom tailored ACT Test Prep program specifically addressing your kids strengths and weaknesses.
A Brilliant Tutor Is Not Enough
We know some of the challenges you as a parent face is that your children are not excited to meet with a tutor. That they are not easily inspired or would rather be doing a million other things. With these challenges parent’s face we focus on hiring the coolest, most engaging and fun tutors.
How Do We Make Sure Your Child Is Improving?
Our program is designed to pinpoint specific areas in the ACT that your child needs to improve.
Next Steps?
Call Us at 773-466-0101. We are here to help. Our ACT Test Prep Specialists are here to answer any questions you might have.

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