How to Ace your College Interview [Free Whitepaper]

How to Ace your College Interview [Free Whitepaper]

A college will ask for an interview to see if a student would be successful amongst the students already enrolled in the school, as well as to assess if the prospective student’s objectives and interests fit in with what their school offers.
A college interview provides the opportunity for an applicant to show their personality and knowledge in person rather than just on paper.
Here at Chicago Academic, we work to both simplify and prepare your child for the college application process. The college interview plays a big part in this application process. Being prepared for an interview will increase the chances of getting accepted into the selected college.
Included in the Whitepaper:
At Chicago Academic, we’re here to assist your children in achieving their goals. Download the free whitepaper by filling out the form to the right and begin practicing for your college interview today!

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