The Ultimate ACT Test Cheat Sheet Prep, Practice 2024

The ACT is one of those things where it pays to be prepared. Kind of like storms and power outages.

Even if your child has taken a laissez-faire approach to the test, you may not be as calm. Preparing for the ACT can earn your child a higher score and help get him into a better college. So if you’re ready to get prepping, here is your ultimate cheat sheet on what you need to do.

Ultimate ACT Test Cheat Sheet Prep

Here are the detailed ultimate ACT Test Cheat Sheet Prep / Practice guide.

Weeks Before

Get practice tests. They say practice makes perfect and the ACT is no exception. Practice tests are available in book stores and online. Get a few and help your child go through them. Take them numerous times.

Keep up with homework. Getting behind in classes is never a good thing, but it’s especially bad now. Keeping up with schoolwork can help prepare your child for the subject matter on the ACT.

Get a tutor. A specialized ACT tutor in Chicago can help your child prepare for the upcoming test. The tutor can go over those practice tests with your child, and really go over what to expect.

The Day Before

Check the ticket. Go over your child’s ACT ticket with him and make sure he knows what time it begins, where the test is and also what time to report there.

Do a practice run. If you are unsure of the location, do a practice run to see how long it takes to get there, where to park, where the building entrance is, etc.

Double check identification. Make sure that your child has acceptable identification with her. She will not be admitted into the testing facility if the ID does not meet the ACT requirements.

Turn in early. All that test practice and schoolwork is tiring! Make sure that your child gets a good night’s rest.  

The Morning Of the Test

Make a good breakfast. Prepare something filling and nutritious for your child. You may also want to pack a portable, easy to eat snack for later.

Get there on time. If you are driving your child, get her there with time to spare. If she’s driving herself, make sure she leaves with enough time to get there. Kick her out the front door if need be.

Tips for Your Child

Once you get your child to the testing site, it’s up to them. You have done your job helping him prepare for the ACT.

But, there are some tips for your child: Answer all the questions. On the ACT, guessing is better than leaving it blank.

But, try Process of Elimination first. Before guessing, try eliminating the answers you know are incorrect. There’s a chance you may get it right.

Erase completely. Sounds like an elementary school tip right? Since the ACT is machine-graded, you don’t want bad erasing to screw up a correct answer.

Pace yourself. The test is timed, and you have around 30 seconds to answer each question. Don’t dwell too long on hard ones, and just keep going.

Don’t second guess. Like we said, keep going. Get to all the questions, then go back and go over your answers if there is still time.

When dealing with the ACT, it pays to come prepared. Use this guide to help you and your child start preparing weeks in advance.  

Need more guidance? Find out more on how our test prep tutors can help your child improve their ACT score. 

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