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Our Process

1. Parent Contacts Us

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2. The CA team identifies the best tutor for the student and relays all relevant information about the student

3. A director contacts the parent to describe the chosen tutor

4. The schedule is set and the family is included in our online client support portal where they can see their calendar, billing and most importantly the tutor's notes from each session.

5. The tutor calls to introduce themselves two days before the first session to discuss the student directly with the parent

6. The tutor comes to the home to work with the student; afterward writing a full set of teaching notes in the online portal

7. The notes are reviewed by a director and posted for the parents to access.

8. After the first session, a director calls the parent to see that all went well

9. Our team of educators check in with the parents, tutors and sometimes teachers to follow the student's progress.

10. The relationship remains collaborative with all involved.

11. If a tutor and student do not connect, a replacement is transitioned in to take the place of the first tutor.