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We offer Test Prep In Chicago and the North Suburbs. We offer an extremely sophisticated set of individual private test prep programs. Our programs utilize actual past exams, professional diagnostic services and customized curriculums.
Chicago Academic creates a custom program specifically addressing each student’s strengths and weaknesses. They each receive individual, expert instruction with an experienced private tutor. Each program includes rigorous, simulated testing experiences and comprehensive study material. Our programs are proven to provide exceptional improvements in scores.


Chicago Academic has optimized rigorous and effective curriculums for:
Each course begins with building familiarity with the exam’s architecture and style and teaching the specific skills necessary for success. The program targets material that appears on the exam, allowing students to:
Students are then led into short quizzes and passages to solidify these skills, followed by extensive, time-managed practice tests. Personalized strategies for time management, the answer selection process, avoiding traps and more are integrated into the program. Each student’s progress in every section of the exam is closely monitored.
Our programs teach:


We create a customized program specifically designed to address your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses. By taking into consideration each specific student’s needs, we can insure the highest level of information retention during tutoring sessions.

Group Option:

Many of our test prep programs are also offered in small group environments. These classes utilize the same highly-skilled instructors and customized materials while offering a more economical option for Test Prep In Chicago

Whether your child prefers a one-on-one or group test prep environment, Chicago Academic can provide the perfect fit.