CPS Selective High Schools

Schools that Require Entrance Exams

How Entrance is Decided

CPS utilizes a three-tiered system, which culminates in a maximum score of 900 points:

7th Grade Performance is IMPORTANT

The majority of the CPS SEHS admission process focuses on seventh grade performance. In addition to grades from this year, the standardized tests ( ISAT, TerraNova, Stanford10, IOWA, CAT, KTEA II, Woodcock Johnson III or WIAT III) are a critical factor in determining admissions, with each test being worth 300 points.

Chicago Academic offers both academic tutoring and 7th grade standardized test prep to help students successfully achieve admission to their school of choice.

8th Grade Selective Enrollment Exam

In order to qualify to take the Selective Enrollment Exam, your child must achieve stanine scores of 5 or higher on the 7th grade exams in both reading and math.
Students take the Selective Enrollment in 8th grade as the final step of the admission process. We review concepts in mathematics, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and language arts, making sure that your child is fully prepared for this test.

For more information about the Selective Enrollment admission process, you can visit the CPS Office of Academic Enhancement.