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Turbocharge Your Child's Grades & Test Scores!

Turbocharge Your Child's Grades & Test Scores!

K - 12 Academics, ACT Exams, AP Test Prep, Essay Coaching, Executive Functioning & More!

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Get the Highest Score Possible on Your ACT Exam – without last-minute panic!

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    The House: Tutors In Chicago

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    The House will ease your stress as you see confidence and grades improve!
    “The House has consistently provided us with incredibly effective and professional instructors. We have utilized them for help in History, English and now ACT prep. Not only are their instructors outstanding, their sincerity and desire to help each family is unsurpassed.
    They will not match a student to a tutor unless they feel that the result will be successful. I was so impressed by how hard they tried to find us the most appropriate tutor, who was also able to fit into our specific needs regarding logistics and time.
    From the very first time we contacted them, through as recent as last week, each discussion has been a pleasure. Most important, we have experienced a noticeable and significant increase in feelings of confidence and success in each subject and in ACT prep.
    We are so fortunate to have been connected with Chicago Academic and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who is searching for quality educators and professional service.”

    Lauren P, Highland Park

    We guarantee your complete
    satisfaction with every tutoring session!

    Raise My Child's Grades - Academic Tutoring

    Did you know that The House can work with your student on ALL of their tutoring needs? The House offers private tutoring in Chicago and everything you need to improve your student’s grades, all at the convenience and comfort of your own home.

    Raise My Child's Scores - ACT Test Prep Tutoring

    The House has optimized a rigorous and effective curriculum for ACT Test Prep in Chicago. The course focuses on building familiarity with the ACT exam’s architecture and style and teaching the specific skills necessary for succeeding on it.

    Organize My Kids - Executive Functioning

    Does your child have trouble getting their homework done, organizing their materials, keeping track of their calendar or simply keeping up with their responsibilities? This could be a sign that they are experiencing executive functioning difficulties.